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When shooting, it must be original and try something different

When shooting sports, the use of flash is usually prohibited. Flash can distract the players and coaches to be a crazy cause. There are some exceptions, including indoor sports, but the camera flash is usually not allowed. For indoor sports, usually installed in the ceiling of the gym, allowing an ideal amount of light falling on the room where the game takes place. When shooting outdoor sports such as football or baseball, you should not use the flash in front of the camera. This is why the ISO setting is very important. Now, if you shoot a local sporting event or show a small degree, like football in high school, then the flash is usually acceptable. Many of which have special rules for sports photography, so before you take pictures, be sure to read the rules.

Ever wonder why sports photographers carry equipment so much? That’s because they have to build bigger muscles while walking. Once you are on the sidelines or in the middle of the action, it is difficult for you to run and change equipment. Many sports photographers using one of three things to bring their equipment when working, namely: fanny pack, a belt system (belt) or vest. Photos cool vest a few years ago, now no longer practical with all the lens you need when used to bring quickly. Belt system better. System 6 holster belt which can be used at any one time, ranging from a large lens holder for an instant. Belt system makes it possible to quickly change between the lens and store all compact card (data storage) together in a safe place. In addition, it allows you to be ready for action with a variety of lenses because it has a cover for a glove each, also offers protection against rain for outdoor sports. Some companies also offer “side bags” which are intended to be used for sports photography.