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How to Examine Vintage Furniture

Having antique or vintage furniture at home, certainly, can add a unique value to the house or at least to the room in which the furniture is put itself. With a classic look of the furniture which also even tends to look worn, vintage furniture sometimes can evoke nostalgic memories so that you will be able to feel like you have been brought to the olden days.

To that end, with this kind of vintage furniture, you can make a choice in decorating the rooms of your house. However, you should not let yourself choose just any of vintage furniture you are able to find in the market without considering each of the aspects of the furniture. You, of course, also need to see some of the criteria that exist on the furniture before determining whether the furniture is classified as vintage or not. Otherwise, you might end up getting scammed and buying the imitations of the vintage items instead of buying the original ones. Thus, here are some of the ways to assess the vintage furniture:

1. Age

To be regarded as antiques, furniture must sometimes tens to hundreds of years old. This is what distinguishes antique and vintage furniture. Furniture which has been in its old age does not need to be labeled with the word vintage. Provided that it has an ancient model and the view, the furniture can be categorized as vintage.

2. Construction

In general, the construction of vintage furniture is made of wood or metal, rather than plastic or artificial factory ingredients like the items which are made in recent years.

3. Design

Vintage furniture designs sometimes just follow the trends that have occurred in the past couple of decades. For example, furniture design in the 1960s that was again applied to the new furniture and sold at the moment, so the furniture can be categorized as vintage.