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No More Changing Light For 15 Years

For those of you who do not like keeps changing the light in your house, then the LED lamp is the solution. This lamp is durable enough so that you will not have to frequently replace your bulbs often die. Compared with ordinary incandescent bulbs, LED lights is much more durable. If the average incandescent bulb only lasts 1000 hours of use, the LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours, or when used 10 hours per day means it can last up to 15 to 20 years. Apparently, the durability of LED lights also affects your pocket. Imagine if you use regular bulbs that every year should replace it. It is also a lot of money you have to spend as long as 15 years. However, if you are using LEDs, at most, you only need to replace it just once in those 15 years.

One more advantage of LED lights is the light that it generates no heat. That means that the LED would not make room in your home becomes hotter. Beda right with incandescent / fluorescent usual, the light is relatively hot. LED lights do not contain Ultra Violet. For those of you who are concerned with health, already vicious cycle for you to replace ordinary light bulbs in your home with LED lights. Why? Because LED lights do not contain UV (Ultraviolet) that can damage the eyes and skin. Sure, damage from UV rays cannot be felt in a short time. But if UV exposure about you every day, the gradual effect was certainly felt. So, replace the lights in your home that emits UV light with the latest LED light. The LED lights are more environmentally friendly. Why say environmentally friendly LED lights? Besides free UV light, LED lights do not contain mercury. You need to know, that the mercury substances that can damage the ozone layer and interfere with human health. If you use ordinary energy-saving lamps and tableware, then the content of mercury in them can be inhaled by humans. The mercury toxins can interfere with breathing and our health. Well, it will not happen if we use LED lights.