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Several Requirements of Naturalization in the UK

The B1 English test is a kind of English language test which should be taken by anyone who is applying for a permit to stay and live in the UK through several ways which are naturalization http://britishlifeskills.com, marriage or settlement. For more information about the B1 English test, you can take a visit on http://britishlifeskills.com. However, that is not the only requirement; there are still some other things that one should fulfill in to get the permit. Below are some of the other requirements:

– Pass the Life in the UK Test
This test is about the culture and life in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

– Submit an application and pay the fee
You have to pay a fee depending on the type of citizenship that you filed. You can apply with one of the following three ways:
1) Take the form of the Internet, browse, and send it;
2) Visit the local NCS, and they will help you fill out the form; or
3) Use private agencies or individuals that can also help you fill it.