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What Is Data Backup?

In information technology, backup is the process of creating backup data by copying or creating an archive computer data so that data can be reused in the event of damage or loss. Backup has two purposes. The main objective is to restore the data if the data is lost, either because erased or because they are damaged (corrupted). The second objective is to restore data to a certain point in the past. Because of its function, the backup process requires users to duplicate data, which ended up spending capacity storage media. It promotes discovery efficient technologies for data storage backup, such as deduplication and compression. You can visit our website and get Data Backup in Philadelphia service.

Understanding data backup is move or copies the collection of information (data) stored on the computer hard drive that is usually done from one location/device to the location / other devices. Data or collection of such information can be a file of documents, images, video, audio, system windows, driver, or software / specific programs. How to backup data can be done with a variety of devices, be it through internal hard disk itself, an external hard drive, CD-R / RW, DVD-R / RW, flash disks, memory, and software backup well that can be obtained free of charge by downloading it on the internet and paid. Use or benefit of backing up the data that we still have a reserve of data from data lost/damaged / erased, whether caused by our own mistakes or other factors beyond our capacity, such as a virus, corrupted files (can not be opened), the device computer errors/problems, power failures, disasters, and so forth. With so backup data that we have saved, it can be used again as a substitute for data that has been lost/damaged/erased earlier. The function of backing up data is referring to the safety and comfort of using computers.