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Let Microwave Cooking

There is a microwave in your kitchen? Is your microwave is placed in the right spot as http://www.mybestbuypro.com/microwave-stand/ or microwave cart? Try exploration capabilities. Many things can be done this modern cooking appliance for processing food is delicious as well as healthy. Not only can heat the food, the microwave can also be used for cooking, fitted to ease the tasks in the kitchen. Michael Adisuhanto, product manager Small Home Appliances Panasonic PT Global Indonesia, said that the microwave is cooking tools whose function is not much different from the oven. In fact, it can be said, the microwave is a modern electric oven.

Generally, the microwave using vibration microwaves to generate heat while the oven using a special filament to anneal the fire. The microwave works by emitting super high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which is above 3 GHz (3 × 109 Hz). If the microwaves are absorbed by an object will appear the warming effect on the object. That is if the food absorbs the microwave radiation into heat and cook food in a short time. This process is used in a microwave oven. Currently, there are three kinds of the microwave that can be tailored to the needs.

First, the type of straight or solo microwave models. Second, the type of grill that serves microwave to warm and grilling food, Third, microwave convection type suitable for baking. Although there are three types of the microwave, you do not need to be the confused selection. “Instead, choose a microwave that fits your needs in the kitchen,” If your priority is warming food needs then choose the type of straight microwave. If only for toasted-roasting activities, choose the type of grill. Besides fast, easy, and practical, other features of the microwave are no need to use a lot of oil for cooking and heating food. More healthy, right?

The microwave is cooking devices today that require technique or a different way than other cooking devices, such as kerosene, coal briquette stove, gas stove, oven, and more. According to food creator, Rahmi Johan, almost all dishes, cakes, and drinks can be cooked in the microwave, even the dishes that had been processed in the usual manner.