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Different types of baby bottles

Does your baby prefer formula feeding? If you mean to have more bottle that let the baby enjoy his formula feeding, make sure that the bottle is comfortable to use. Find more info on bestbottlesforbabies.com. Well, this is an absolute guide that will help you get the most suitable bottle that meets the feeding needs of your baby. Generally, baby bottles come in the different types, such as standard, angled, wide neck, vented, and disposable.

1. Standard baby bottle

If you think of baby bottle, then the chances are this is the image that jumped into your head. A standard bottle has no bells and is little more than a lid and nipple attached to the bottle, right? This is available in most baby bottle stores, so you can find it easily even by visiting the nearby store in your area.

– Incredible cheap
– Widely available
– Simple design means simple to clean

– Cheap can mean poor quality
– No useful features

2. Angled baby bottle

These have come with a very visible bend in the bottle’s neck. It is designed to keep the nipple filled with the milk and prevent air bubbles are trapped in the nipple. It comes with a few benefits, such as prevent your baby from swallowing air, comfortable to hold and prevent ear infection. Unfortunately, it is considerably more expensive when compared to the standard bottle. Not only that, it can be difficult to clean.

3. Wide neck baby bottle

Are you familiar with this one? Unlike the standard bottle, the neck is wider. Once you remove collar and nipple, you are going to find the mouth of the bottle will easily accept the largest of bottle wands. It can prevent nipple confusion and easy to clean but more expensive than ordinary baby bottles.

Vented and disposable baby bottles can be also considerable since they come with their own pros and cons. Ask the shopkeeper which the best one for your baby.