Sex Can Improve Mental Health

Have you ever noticed that depression is the leading cause of mental health problems? Now sex can help to heal even reduce this risk. Psychologists say that sex is helpful for building intimacy and relieve stress. However, having sex also has some risks not less. This risk like sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is not to be taken lightly. PMS is a frightening specter for most people, you do not ever remember the first time sex education lessons at school, teachers showed horrific pictures as a result of PMS? Yes, indeed it was not just a mere figment. Herpes, syphilis/gonorrhea, gonorrhea (GO), HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), and so is the fraction of PMS you know. People who are sexually active tend to have a greater risk for contracting STDs, especially when not using a condom during sex (that’s why they invented a condom). You still consider sex without a condom is a good choice? So, that is why you need to get the emoji face condoms to help you protect you and your partner from the risks mentioned above.

As the younger generation who follow every development of existing technologies, you must be familiar with emoji or emoticons. These thumbnail images can show your expression when you’re communicating with the gadget along with those nearby. Although it is hard to read tone or intonation talk someone out of the text that was sent, but the emoji can represent someone’s feelings when interacting via the gadget and most people usually use a variety emoji-only on people who are already close and have a long relationship. That is why you could use the emoji face condoms as protection from sexually transmitted disease, and at the same time provide better communication with your partner to maintain the health of both of you either sexual health or mentally. You could get emoji face condoms at Rip n Roll, just visit their website.